Mark Murtha


Welcome to my site! I play guitar in Head East, and also play steel guitar in The Carl Worden Band and Maria the Mexican.

I play in several tribute bands, too:
The Women of Rock (tribute to Heart, Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, Blondie, and Janis Joplin)
Waking Up the Neighbours (Bryan Adams tribute)
Heartbreaker (Pat Benatar tribute)
Change of Heart (Heart tribute)
Breakfast in Mid-America (Supertramp tribute)

You can see the full schedule of all my bands here:

I’ve had the privilege of playing with some amazing musicians from across the globe, sharing the stage with national acts, and recording rock, jazz fusion, and country. My primary instrument is guitar, but I also enjoy playing steel guitar and keyboards.

A cover of “I Won’t Back Down” recorded with the two former singers of Great White.
Mark playing steel guitar with Maria the Mexican

Head East performing at Lake Ozark, MO
An original tune written by myself and John Watilo. I played guitar, keyboards, and bass on this.
A great Christmas tune written by Tim Huggins. I played guitar, steel guitar, keyboards, and banjo on this song.
This is an original tune of mine that was sung by the late great Kenny Ray. I played guitar and synthesizer on this song.
This is an instrumental tune of mine. I played everything on this, thanks to the wonder of sample libraries!